Muugu Fork: Affordable raclette at only $5

Ever since the social media crisis of The Western Co, I had been seriously craving raclette. However the better known places for raclette were a little on the expensive side for me. So I was pretty glad to find Muugu Fork, a Halal certified cafe that sells affordable raclette at only $4.90.

It can be added on to anything on the menu – To their fries, pasta, steak, etc. In my opinion, it tastes best on their Bangers and Mash ($13.90). Raclette is always best with potato, and it goes down so well with the fluffy and light mashed potatoes they serve here.

Affordable raclette Muugu Fork - Lights camera adventure

The portion of the mashed potatoes was HUGE though it doesn’t look like it in the picture. My friend and I were struggling to finish it. I was amazed at how good it tasted even though it was probably the cheapest main on the menu.

In fact, it was actually better than the steak.

The Ribeye Steak ($29.90) came with a side of fries, ratatouille and homemade black pepper sauce. The raclette goes really well with the steak, but it was a pity that parts of the steak were well done though we requested it to be medium.

The black pepper sauce made up for it though, as was really tasty. Not to mention, it’s an original recipe! You can also opt for the original brown sauce, another Muugu Fork creation, which I’ve read is equally delicious.

The ratatouille was average, nothing to write home about. The fries were tasty, but sadly they were cold.

Affordable raclette Muugu Fork - Lights camera adventure

To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the quality of the steak that day, since I read a lot of good things about it online. However, I think you should definitely visit Muugu Fork for the awesome Bangers and Mash with raclette, if not the steak.

I still remember how airy and light the mash was, and how that complemented the gooey and thick raclette that oozed on the dish. The beef and chicken sausages were meaty and added much needed texture and substance to the creamy dish.

The portion size of this dish is pretty generous though, so I recommend that two people share one unless you’re very, very hungry.

Getting to Muugu Fork:

Address: 142 Arab St, Singapore 199828
Closest MRT Station: Bugis
Contact: 6292 7363
Opening hours:

Monday 1PM–1AM
Tuesday 1–11:30PM
Wednesday 1PM–1AM
Thursday 1–11:30PM
Friday 1PM–3AM
Saturday 1PM–3AM
Sunday 1PM–1AM
Muugu Fork